Started Basketcase Sock

I finally made a yarn choice for the Basketcase Sock Knit-along. I had originally thought I would use a Lilac Shepherd Sock yarn but ended up with a lovely tweedy Blauband. The temperatures dropped today up here in the mountains and it felt like autumn was in the air. I actually checked our aspen to make sure none were starting to turn gold. As I pulled out my lilac yarn all ready to cast on, I suddenly could not longer picture this sock in lilac. It seemed very appropriate that it should be a ‘fall’ color. I love the way the browns are changing subtly.

I cast on 60 sts using my size 2 Addi Turbo circular needles. The pattern is interesting and fun to knit.

I got an email from and they have shipped my Weaver’s Wool and my Natura circulars. These are for the FRIDAY HARBOR sock knit-along. Hopefully, I will begin those on Thursday. I will then have three socks going all at once! What a nut I am.

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