Finished Friday Harbor Socks

Finished my Friday Harbor Socks for the Knitting On the Road knit-a-long. Boy oh boy, these knit-a-longs are almost as addicting as knitting socks!

I think I will like these socks. The Weaver’s Wool was not as ‘wooly’ as I thought it would be. I like the Larkspur color. I do prefer ribbed cuffs and have a feeling that this FH cuff will stretch out which means frequent washings…but, all in all, it was fun knit.

I’m down in Texas right now visiting my folks. The ninety degree temps are not very conducive, or I should say – very inspirational, for sock-knitting. When we left Colorado last Thursday we noticed several aspen leaves starting to turn, so it won’t be long before my homemade socks will be my best pals.

My hyper tea-cup poodle, Snooks, has these occasional bouts of insanity and attacks my feet. I keep dreading the day that he attacks one of my beloved socks. He used to do this to one of my daughters who has since gone away to college. We always thought he hated her feet, but now he has tranferred his foot fetish to MY FEET!

Off to work on another pair of socks before starting AMBLE for the Six-Socks-Knitalong.

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