First SP8 Package!

I received a package from my SP8 today! I am soooooooo very excited! There is a lovely skein of Imperial Super Kid Mohair in my favorite color – green. Also included were some stitch markers, elastic thread, butterfly tape measure, Chibi needles and the current issue of Vogue Knitting.

It will be great fun to try out a new yarn. The mohair is lovely and I’ve never knit with anything so fine and delicate. I wonder if this is what knitters use to make those lovely lace scarves?? Another possibility are the Night-Blooming Jasmine socks in Cat Bordhi’s book. If any of you have any ideas please shoot them my way :-))

Since my last darning needle just disappeared from my Chibi container, these new Chibis are perfect timing. And, I noticed several women knitting the Norwegian Socks in the Folk Sock KAL mentioned that they knitted elastic into the top cuff….So maybe I ought to try knitting those socks afterall. The Vogue Knitting magazine? I can envision a nice long soak in the whirlpool tonight – just me and the mag.

I am looking forward to getting to know my SP8 more through the summer. Something amazing that we both initially discovered is that she has lived in the Pikes Peak area and actually knows someone up here in Florissant that I am acquainted with! She was homeschooled by her parents and I homeschooled my daughters all the way through. Truely amazing!

THANKS SP8! You are a sweety!

One Comment on “First SP8 Package!

  1. How encouraging to discover that your gorgeous daughters were also homeschooled (and so accomplished)! Congrats on a job well-done, Mom. You must be so proud. I love your blog, and hope you don’t mind if I include it on my blogroll!

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