A Summer Cotton Sock Swap

When I was surfing the net the other day I came across this adorable saying:
‘Bless her cotton socks’

I immediately thought, ‘What in the heck does that mean? Well, I learned that it is something that you say when you want to express affection for someone. I thought….hmmmm…..cotton socks? Then my knitter’s brain immediately pictured all the skeins of COTTON SOCK YARN in my stash yet to be knit ….

Wouldn’t it be fun to participate in a ‘BLESS HER COTTON SOCK SWAP’? What a great opportunity to knit up your cotton sock yarn and express a ‘knitters’ affection for another sock knitter! Summer is upon us and it is time to knit with cotton.So why not swap?

Here’s how it’s going to work:It’s a one time swap. You will mail your secret swap partner three things:
1. One to two skeins of COTTON yarn from your stash. It must be enough to knit a pair ofsocks.
2. A sock pattern suitable for the yarn you are sending.
3. A completed pair of COTTON SOCKS for your Bless Her Cotton Socks Swap partner.
4. A note to your swap partner.

Interested? I hope you are! I have set up a Bless Her Heart Cotton Sock Exchange for it, so drop on by and sign up!

One Comment on “A Summer Cotton Sock Swap

  1. It’s something my Grandmother used to say which leads me to think that it might be an old English/British saying. I’ve heard it many times, but not for ages.

    Great idea for a cotton sock swap! I’ve haven’t knitted cotton socks yet, but I do have one skein in my stash, but I’m saving it until a little later in the year when the weather warms up. Right now it’s cold, so wool socks are more appropriate.

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