Colorado Weekend

DH and I drove over to see his sister’s finished home in the Silverthorne area last weekend. My sis-in-law lives in Missouri and this is their “second” home. The pictures do not even begin to do this 7,000 sq. foot log home justice – it was amazing! It sits on 40 acres of gorgeous land overlooking some pristine mountain peaks. As you can see from the meadow picture, the aspen trees are just starting to leaf out. They actually get a little bit more precipitation than our spot in Colorado and everything seemed much greener.

DH is standing at the top of the main entrance into the home. Something unique about this is that the stairs and front sidewalk have hot water pipes running underneath them to keep ice off the steps and sidewalk! I love the stain on the logs……maybe because I know all the trials my sister went through finding just the “right” color. Doesn’t my sis look somewhat satisfied standing there in front of her home? Or, maybe it is a look of exhaustion!

It is certainly a beautiful home but it has taken three years of one decision after the next to build. I can’t say that I would want to go through that because I think there is definitely a ‘price to pay’ and not just from your wallet!

It was a short quick trip and nice to see our family. I am very glad they decided to build so close to our home so we can see them more often!

2 Comments on “Colorado Weekend

  1. OMG! That’s a SECOND home??? What do they do, own CANADA??? It’s breathtaking!

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