Sad Sad FLAK

I joined the FLAK group early this year and didn’t get too far. In fact, I never made it past the initial swatch because I just wasn’t in love with the color. I ended up with another color that sat in a stash stak to be swatched. All those initial FLAKKERS are now starting to post their beautiful finished sweaters and I am green with envy and slightly disappointed in myself for quitting. Well, now that I am seeing the finished product I’m ready to FLAK again!

Last week I swatched my Cascade 220 Heather and ‘thought’ I was spot on in gauge. That is, until I washed and blocked my 100 stitch cable swatch. I think my three horseshoe cables are way wider than they should be. The leader’s center cables measure 5″ where mine measure about 6-3/4″. Argh!

I decided to spend this afternoon swatching a 4×4 on smaller needles. It soaks as I write this. The needles I used are a size 3 wherein everyone else seems to be using 5’s & 6’s. Yes, I know that I shouldn’t be playing this ‘everyone else’ game. I just need to be concentrating on getting the right gauge no matter what the needle size.

I love these cables even though I messed up majorly on the Wave Cable. I guess we knit this cable swatch not only to figure out the gauge but to also work out our cable kinks 🙂

I also measured The Dog this afternoon for a sweater. I thought for sure that this little 5-pounder would measure as a petite size. Guess he has a manly-doggy-chest because he measured in as a small. Doesn’t he look cute on my bed? My grandma used to say ‘Pretty Is As Pretty Does’ and, unfortunately, The Dog is not as pretty on the inside as he is on the outside for he is a loud yappy poodle.

4 Comments on “Sad Sad FLAK

  1. I know what you mean about the flak. I got as far as under the arms. Decided to make a vest because I just could not bear to do the arms. And there is sits waiting for me. Hmmmm….more socks I guess!

  2. Oh, I like that weave-looking cable. What’s it called?

    My little brother looks so cute in thab picture!

  3. *that* picture. You knew what I meant. (I am only a poor engineeer and can’t be expected to know such lofty things as the spelling of prepositions and other linguistical expressions.)

  4. I used size 3’s on my FLAK…(with Cascade 220). Worry not! Turned out great…

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