Trek With Me PART TWO

For some reason Blogger never let me finish my blog last night so here is the rest of my Trek story.

We have lots of quaking aspen trees up here. The buck deer rub their antlers on the trees in the Fall to get the ‘felt’ off their antlers. It leaves these brown marks on the trees. The pine trees are pollinating right now leaving their fine green dust on everything. If you look closely you can see these teeny pine cones next to the large cone….they actually explode in clouds of green.

I reach my postbox destination. Now that we have these postal boxes the mail carrier can leave my packages in the lower box and I no longer have to drive into town to pick them up. Alas, there is not package for me today!

On the way home I pass this dude………….he badly needs a change of clothing…….the winter storms have been tough on his clothes.

And, I pass some dead pine trees that have been attacked by pine beetles. This is something we fear up here almost as much as forest fires. These beetles can devastate a forest.

50 minutes later I’m back home and it looks like the clouds are rolling in. My next trekking hike will be on a ‘real’ mountain trail even though this one is pretty close!

9 Comments on “Trek With Me PART TWO

  1. Nice Trek! Sad about the dead pines! Hard to imagine a “little” beetle decimating an entire forest!

  2. what a beautiful place to live! you are very lucky or else very smart. Do you have neighbors close to you or is that a Trek also? Walking to get your mail in the winter must be fun, but I think I would love that! A walk I HAD to do every day.
    One Skein SP

  3. LOL! I keep looking, too. You should have one today or tomorrow. SP8

  4. That is one HECK of a mailbox trek. I think I should reward you for that. Send me your snail mail address. norma.knits [at] gmail {dotcom}

    Man, just going to the mailbox and back has to keep you in great shape! I have a steep driveway, but it only takes me a minute to go to the mailbox.

  5. I live in a suburb of Washington, DC, and I just wanted to say that I think it is SO COOL that walking to your mailbox is an actual hike. Excellent.

  6. Your photos are lovely. It’s nice to know that there are still remote places left in the US. What a view of Pikes Peak you have!

  7. I think you win for the pinnacle of Trekkers! What a lovely blog–your sock is wonderful, and I enjoyed trekking with you in spirit to your mailbox. I lazily confess that the walk down the hall to get my mail is my preferred method.

  8. Thanks for the peek into your daily mail trek! You really have some lovely views.

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