View Off Deck

I’ve had several Trekkers commenting on my mountain walk and the gorgeous views that I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t show you the views of what Pikes Peak looks like off my back deck (sheepish grin). The Peak looks different at different times throught the day and here are only a few views.

Someone asked if there are any houses around me. There are. We actually live in a subdivision where each home is on two acres. The surrounding lots around our home have never been developed so we really don’t see any houses out our windows. Many of the people up here have built ‘vacation’ homes and live out-of-state.

Every New’s Year there is an ‘Atta Man’ climb to the top of Pikes Peak and at midnight they shoot off fireworks. I won’t even venture to guess how cold it is on top since our temperature is usually close to zero. In fact, we put our champagne cider out on the deck to chill — haha! We always invite another family over to spend the night(mtn roads are no fun to navigate at night) and then at midnight watch the fireworks off our deck.

My husband and I do love it here. We used to backpack and camp all the time until we moved to the mountains. Now, campgrounds are just too noisy — LOL. It’s very quiet and peaceful and a perfect place to KNIT!

10 Comments on “View Off Deck

  1. What an incredible view you and your sock have, and marvelous surroundings. I’m looking forward to seeing the other side of Pikes Peak from my patio when I move back to Colorado Springs next week. I think the group you referred to is the AdAMan club, though AttaMan makes sense, too! Each year the club invites a new person to join, and lead the hike, thus Ad(d) A Man. And sometime in the last five years they’ve modified the rules a bit, and added a woman!

  2. I wrote a comment to your last post but it didn’t come through. You pictures are great! What a beautiful place to live … and of course, to knit. 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal- using people’s pictures without proper citation… maybe I should sue 😉

    *sigh* It’s so pretty there… and quiet… and there are no binary phase diagrams or differential equations…

  4. To Jennifer………
    Oh yes, I guess I should have said that YOU took the pictures when you were home 🙂 If you took a job in your HOME state this would be something you could see all the time!

  5. Yep. Your mountain views are just gorgeous! I’ve been to Colorado Springs (once, back in 1990), but didn’t make it up to Pike’s Peak, but it sure was pretty.

    That’s a great summer reading list you’ve got there, too. I love the Daniel Boorstin books–he was the first historian whose books I really enjoyed reading.

  6. Oops! Never mind that about Boorstin–I mistook the last three titles on your list for his “Americans” series . . . silly me! (grin)

  7. When my dad was stationed in Colorado we could see Pikes Peak from our kitchen window. I miss that and all the other beautiful scenery. We were at the base of NORAD, and we would go to Helen Keller Falls for picnics.There is nothing like fresh watermelon chilled in a mountain stream. YUMMY

  8. WOW. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful place to live. I’ve always been torn between wanting to settle down by the ocean or by the mountains. We decided to be “close” to the ocean; we’re about 40 minutes away, because I don’t know of any farms right by the ocean. lol
    I would get my “mountain fix” watching Everwood, and now, visiting your blog. 🙂

  9. Wow! Simply stunning! If I lived there I don’t think I’d ever leave LOL. Thanks for sharing and making us green with envy 😉

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