FLAK Board

When I was perusing the FLAK board last week I stumbled on an idea that one of the Flakkers had for keeping track of all the different length cables. I made a mental note to try it. Then, when I was in Michael’s yesterday I found all these simply adorable Laura Ashley items and I knew instantly that they would be perfect for my FLAK board. Here it is…using an old cookie sheet….

The cookie sheet provides a large magnetic board. I taped all my cables to the sheet.

I love red! Red row counter! There is a dry erasable board with a pen that even has an eraser on the end of it….just in case I need to jot down anything.

The cutest thing of all are these adorable little magnets that I use to keep my place on the Saxon Braid! This is the braid that is the longest and needs its own separate counter.

This set up is working great for me. The cookie sheet fits right across my lap. Of course, it is not very portable but neither is the FLAK because of its complexity. Maybe some day I might be more than a novice and whip an Aran out without having to concentrate but that day is not here yet!

Here is the latest shot of my FLAK. I have about six more rows and I will be done with the upper back and can move on to the front.

6 Comments on “FLAK Board

  1. I sure do wish I’d done a saxon braid. I love all the pictures of the FLAKs with saxon braids.

  2. Hi Rebecca, Glad you have picked your FLAK back up again. I really like the color you chose and the saxon braid is lovely.

  3. That’s gorgeous! Wow. I’m so in awe. I have YET to try a cable – maybe this winter?

  4. ooooh. very organized. i think there is something in your box that will match it.

  5. oh my, your flak looks so wonderful. You truly are a great knitter. Such a nice color too, the cables just pop out.

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