St. Brigid Yarn Selection

After sitting on the floor of my LYS for over an hour contemplating colors for my Alice Starmore St. Brigid Sweater, I finally made a selection. I really wanted a teal color but there was no teal in the shop. I guess I’m easily influenced by pictures. The St. Brigid sweaters modeled in Aran Knits were earthy jewel tones and so I have those shades pictured in my minds eye for this sweater. I settled on an Olive-Moss colored green which is a good color for me.

My goal is to swatch for the next few weeks as I finish up some UFO’s and then go full force come September 1. Want to come along and join me? Check out the St. Brigid Yahoo Group on my sidebar.

7 Comments on “St. Brigid Yarn Selection

  1. That is going to be very pretty — I can’t wait to see a swatch!

    Very, very early on I’d considered a Norwegian superwash — a bargain at — I swatched and didn’t care for how it felt while knitting, but I run across that swatch now and then and wow, the cables are GORGEOUS and after a wash it doesn’t really feel that bad (I think I was exercising my right to be a snob). I’m going to have to knit something with it someday — either an everyday, washable sweater for me, or maybe a few things for my nephew.

    Stop reading… get swatching!

  2. st.brigid is one gorgeous sweater! i love your columbine photo 🙂

  3. I love cascade 220.
    How long do you think it will take you to knit?

  4. That’s my favorite color. I’m always a green person, but I especially like the olive/moss shades of green.

  5. That’s a beautiful sweater. I will enjoy following your progress. It will make a lovely fall and winter knit.

  6. Gorgeous Rebecca! I’m also attracted to greens. Strabahnn would be my first choice but VY only has it in 2-ply right now! Argh! So, I’m currently trying to decide between Golden Plover and Witchflower. Two totally different colors. Sigh

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