My Girls

I have been missing my girls terribly lately so I thought I would write a little blog about them.

They are both far away attending college at Auburn University….WAR EAGLE! According to Mapquest, they are 23 hours and 28 minutes away or 1520.07 miles away. Which ever way you look at it, there are too many miles between this mom and her girls. Thankfully, cell phones have shortened the distance somewhat. I talk to them almost every day. But, when you want to give a hug the distance then becomes almost unbearable – you feel aching to the very tips of your fingers!

Jennifer is my first-born. She never crawled. She never walked until she was 17 mos. old and she was way behind the other toddlers with the talking thing…….. the tooth thing …. the hair thing……she couldn’t hold her head up straight……

However, when she started reading at the age of 3.5 I knew those brain cells weren’t developmentally delayed! Homeschooling her was easy in the respect that she understood everything I taught her with no additional explanation. On the other hand, it was difficult in the sense that once she learned something, she didn’t want to “waste” any more time on it – it was time to MOVE ON. Not to mention, that I would often find her “daydreaming” simply because she was bored with whatever her assignment was.

Jennifer is now on her final senior stretch in Chemical Engineering. She doesn’t have much of a social life because of the intensity of her courses. In addition to classes, she is busy in two Engineering fraternities, one of which she is the President. She was rewarded a research fellowship last spring to do research on alternative fuel cells and this keeps her pretty busy, too.

This is a picture she recently sent me to show me the college ring we bought for her.
It is supposed to be worn upside down until she graduates.
In addition to WAR EAGLE and her initials, she had inscribed
inside a reference to a Bible verse…. Galatians 6:14, which says:

“But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” Good for you, Jenny-Wenny!

And here is my baby-girl, Allison. She is 19 years old and is a senior in Nursing School. Unlike Jennifer, she crawled, walked, talked and did everything EARLIER than all the other kids her age.

Homeschooling Allison really kept me on my toes because she just had to catch up to her big sister! She worked through several summers and ended up graduating one year behind her sister at the age of 17. Her last year of high school was spent going full-time to the Univ of Colorado —- not because Mom wanted her to — Mom only wanted her to take ONE class. However, when it was time to register for classes and Mom and Dad were away on a cruise, little Miss Allison registered for six classes. Consequently, she transferred a full year of college credit to Auburn and will now be graduating from college when she is 20. And NOW, she is tired of explaining to everyone why she is such a youngster when they discover her age…..go figure!

She loves being with friends and having as much fun as she possibly can. Thankfully, she has successfully combined work and play and will be graduating with honors in Nursing School in May. Allison has a mercy gift and will make a wonderful, caring nurse. She wants to continue her education to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Last night, after working in the hospital newborn nursery , she called and told me ‘I want one of these!’ She loves children and will, no doubt, go into pediatric medicine. She also loves dogs and has informed DH and myself that she wants a dog for her graduation present!

Well, I didn’t mean to prattle on so, ..oh, the heart of a mother……

only 2 more weeks and 2 days until I see my baby girls again!

9 Comments on “My Girls

  1. Wow, you did a great job, Mom! You must be so proud of them, and rightly so!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my site! I have to give Joy the credit for finding the romantic honeymoon destination though. I must say, I am really impressed that you have a blog! Not too many other moms I know do.

  3. Beautiful girls; they’re on their way, aren’t they?

  4. Wow! Your beautiful, gifted girls are a testimony to their fabulous Mom!

    You are an inspiration to us….

  5. Here’s hoping you get to hold those girls soon! You did good, Mom! I’m not looking forward to my nest being empty someday. ((())) Hugs to you!

  6. I’m just catching up on my blog reading and saw this. Sniff, sniff. What wonderful girls!

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