Inishmore Is Calling Me

Inishmore is calling me. Am I nuts? The more I think about knitting the St. Brigid sweater, the more I hear the lure of Inishmore!

Inishmore seems to be more fitted than the boxy tunic style of St. Brigid. When the tunic style was popular many years ago, I never joined in. Tunics just don’t look that great on me. When a friend of mine saw St. Brigid she remarked that it looked like a jacket. I’ve been thinking about what she said and I think she may be correct. The teeny tiny models in ARAN KNITS almost look like line-backers for a football team.

So, which would you knit? INISHMORE (first and second pictures) or ST. BRIGID(bottom)?

8 Comments on “Inishmore Is Calling Me

  1. I’m a tunic kinda gal, so St. Brigid 😉 But Inishmore is lovely if it came out like the second picture. The first pic reminds me too much of “blousons” which is a fashion I never went for.

  2. i agree. the first picture is more shapeless than even boxy. i like the second one. but i love the last picture! i would still do St brigid.

  3. For you, probably Inishmore. For me, St. Bridgid (hint, hint).

  4. I really hate to do this to you since I think you’re not looking for this answer.

    ST BRIGID! Hands down. I love it.

  5. Don’t make me spank you – you know you will be knitting St. Brigid – we couldn’t do it without you!

  6. Both, first St Brigid with the KAL and then Inishmore. This is what I am going to do:) Monica, finland

  7. Oh No!! You mustn’t abandon St Brigid…This is my favorite Aran ever. The largeness of it is one reason I want to get the smaller size from VY. I don’t want to be swimming in it either.

    But….bottom line, you must do what makes YOU happy…

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