Relaxing on a Summer Eve

I just got back from a walk with DH where I saw this brilliant Indian Paintbrush wildflower. Our weather has gone from a drought condition with high fire watches to a more typical “Rocky Mountain Express” – rains rolling in every afternoon and rolling out early evening. Everything has greened up and this is probably the “greenest” summer I’ve ever seen up here in the mountains! The wildflowers are coming out in all their brillance.

Sitting here on my deck it is almost cool enough for a sweater. I have a glass of delicious peach tea and the current read in the Knit the Classics group, and relaxation is right around the corner. I’ve put off starting A Passage to India and only have a few days left before the next book begins. I have not yet knit a project to correspond to the monthly book; however, I do enjoy seeing what others come up with. I hope this is a good book.

This final shot is of the adorable teddy bear stitch marker that my One Skein Pal sent me. It signifies the beginning of a new project – one that I almost wimped out on but, with the encouragement of my knitting buddies, have fortified myself to go for it. And what do you think it is? St. Brigid, my friends – St. Brigid. This is only a glimpse. I won’t be posting any pictures of her until September because I really am not supposed to even start her yet. I promised myself to finish up my Summer Knitting Challenge projects in the sidebar. As you can tell from how many I’ve crossed off – it’s not progressing much.

5 Comments on “Relaxing on a Summer Eve

  1. Summer does not really mesh with knitting like winter, does it? I am almost halfway through Passage to India. I am enjoying it. At first it was difficult because some of the foreign words and practices confused me. (Audiobooks is not so easy on this one!) It began to flow and became easier after a bit, though.

  2. You will pay for this, missy! I just joined the St. Brigid KAL. I’ve always lusted over it and this is as good a time as any to do it and I should be ready by September to start.

  3. Hurray for rain!! It’s still too hot here to even think about wearing a sweater, let alone knitting one. My son’s is lanquishing and he keeps asking if it will really be done by Christmas.

  4. Wow, A Passage to India. Wow. I say that because I had to read this for a class in college. I had the flu for about 2 weeks of it (I think I remember a reference to hardboiled eggs making me feel sick)and then my stepdad died right in the middle of it. Good book, bad times associated with it!

  5. You’ll have to post a review when you’re done reading this….I read it a year and a half ago when Leah was doing “Brit Lit.” Interested to hear what you thought….

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