SP8 Package!

I received another terrific package from my very special SP8. We share several things in common but the most precious thing is our Christian faith. Another special bond we have is that she is a homeschooler. But, not only is she a homeschooler but a second generation homeschooler! For those who have furrowed questioning brows, that means that she was taught at home by her parents and now she is doing the same with her own children. She once lived in Colorado and we even know some of the same people!

The favorite thing in my package was a wonderful devotional called Come Away My Beloved. I have only been reading it three days and it has already touched my heart deeply. There was also some lovely alpaca yarn (very soft!), a Thomas Kinkade coin purse, a Secret Pal button and a magnet for my fridge that I am actually going to be using on my St. Brigid magnetic charting board.

I can’t wait to find out my secret pal’s name and start reading her blog …… she will reveal herself this month!

One Comment on “SP8 Package!

  1. What a wonderful package from a thoughtful Pal! My daughter and I love to do Thomas Kincaid puzzles (there is one on the dining room table as I type this).

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