Trekking and Blessing

Finally finished the cotton socks for my BLESS HER COTTON SOCKS EXCHANGE. They are not very exciting but, hopefully, my pal will like them. I didn’t think a textured pattern would work with the bold stripes in this colorful yarn, so I just knit a a plain jane sock. I wasn’t overly fond of knitting with cotton yarn and, at one point, almost emailed my pal to beg her to let me use wool yarn, however……………………………since I was the one that came up with the COTTON sock idea I couldn’t really abandon ship.

With the exchange socks finished and mailed, I can now devote my attention to finishing the TREKKING SOCKS that I started earlier this summer. The pattern I am using is the Garter Rib Pattern from my Sensational Socks book. I still love the colors in this varigated yarn. The Trekking yarn is not as soft as some of my favorite sock yarns. Hopefully, it will soften after washing.

We will be leaving tomorrow for Texas to see my folks and my daughters. They are finishing their finals today and tomorrow and will be meeting us at my parent’s house on Saturday. I will be taking TREKKING SOCK #2 in the car with me. The drive is quite b-o-r-i-n-g but with my needles and book on tape it will be a productive drive.

3 Comments on “Trekking and Blessing

  1. Love the subtle color changes in the Trekking yarn.

    Have a good trip. Hope the air conditioning in your car works!

  2. AHHH, Trekking. It’s so pretty and lovely to knit with. Have a good trip!

  3. Kewl stripes! I haven’t tried cotton socks yet, but as the weather warms up I will.

    The Trekking socks are gorgeous! Is that #78?

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