Donegal Yarn

I have collected all the required yarn for my Donegal sweater….. so, what do you think? My fingers are justa itchin to knit a gauge swatch but I am going to use all my willpower to restrain myself! St Brigid will be the sweater for me this Fall and it will take all my efforts to just keep up with everyone else.

6 Comments on “Donegal Yarn

  1. Ooh. Pretty colors. Don’t you hate it when there are so many big projects you want to work on at one time?

  2. Those are some purdy colors. You have a lot of self-restraint. I tend to plunge in head first.

  3. Oh, such awesome colors – and I’m way impressed by your self-restraint, I couldn’t for the life of me wait just one more minute!

  4. I agree with the others. Great colours! Did you start St Brigit already?

  5. Gorgeous colours! Can’t wait to see the WIP and FO (no pressure though).

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