Silly Times in TX

When DH and I first heard that our girls were bringing GUYS to our “rendezvous” point in Texas, we were skeptical. We weren’t sure how that would affect our most cherished family time. Many of my close friends had tried to prepare me for the harsh reality that most likely the young people would be caught up in their own world and “the parents” would get the shaft. Nothing could have been further from the truth. We had a most delightful week with Jennifer, Allison and their guy friends.

Having the guys around gave new dimension to the family dynamics and made our visit together all the richer. And, in MHO, anyone who can hang out at two sets of grandparent’s house with the parents and be as gracious as Nick and Dustin were are two fine men. We played games, shopped for yarn (Nick even bought some to knit his own scarf), ate Tex-Mex, watched movies and spent hours in book stores. I’m sure they think I am one nutty Mom since I like to joke around and tease. Here are some picture highlights. BTW, those are Bugals (chips) that I had them put on their fingers just in case you were thinking they had LONG fingernails.

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