Trekking Socks Finished

2.5mm Crystal Palace dpn
Trekking XXL Yarn
Garter Rib pattern from Sensational Socks

My Trekking socks are finally finished with all of their mistakes. I learned the valuable lesson that it is not wise to put socks aside and pick them up later. Thinking the pattern was simply K2,P2, I picked the socks up after laying dormant for six weeks and continued in what I “thought” was the correct sock pattern. Alas, when I tried them on the foot pattern was different from the cuff which, in reality, was actually a K2,P2 one row and then K second row.
Oh well…….and, I learned that when one is chatting non-stop for five hours in the car with one’s daughter, one can easily slip a stitch and not even become aware of it until three inches later!

My conclusion after knitting these socks? I discovered that my foot measurements are not aligning with what Sensational Socks says they should be despite my gauge calculations. When I tried on the finished pair I discovered that my Trekking Socks were destined to become my daughter’s Trekking Socks for they were too long. I also concluded this after knitting my Cotton Swap socks according to my swap partner’s measurements. Her socks were also too big. Secondly, I’m not overly fond of this Trekking Yarn but think I would give it a second chance using a smaller needle size – probably 2.25mm or 2.0mm. It would look nicer knit at a denser gauge.

So, here they are…..finished….in all their mistake-ridden glory!

5 Comments on “Trekking Socks Finished

  1. I like that colorway. I’ve heard you either love Trekking or you don’t. I have some that I haven’t knit up yet.

  2. love the colours!
    Soon sp8 will be over. do you know who i am already???

  3. I like the colorway too, but I also just can’t really get into knitting with Trekking. To each her own . . .

  4. I love Trekking (love Lorna’s more). Your socks look great, mistakes and all.

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