Gents Fancy Sock Progress

My 17 hour drive back to Colorado was a very productive drive. I was able to work on the current Vintage Sock KAL, Gentleman’s Fancy Sock as we listened to a Clive Custler novel on audio. I’ve modified the pattern so that it will fit a ladies’ foot. This Anne Schaeffer yarn is very, very soft and ultra-fine – yummy colors that I get ‘lost’ in. The pattern does not show up as well as it would on a more solid color but I love it nonetheless. I’m using my new Addi Natura 2mm bamboo needles and like them. This is the first time I’ve knit a short-row heel and was well pleased to discover it fits my heel perfectly. I may have to forego those heel-flaps from here on out!

6 Comments on “Gents Fancy Sock Progress

  1. Even if the pattern gets a little lost, it’s still a nice combination of yarn and color. Very nice.

  2. That’s a great colorway. Knitting Vintage Socks is going to be my next interlibrary loan book. Right now I have Knitting on the Road and Folk Socks. Maybe the librarian will notice all the sock books being requested.

  3. This is coming along so fine, I really love the colorway, and the pattern sure rocks! Looking forward to seeing the socks once they’re done! Happy knitting!

  4. Wow! Two pairs of beautiful socks! Don’t you love long trips for knitting? My DH has just about given up on me, I don’t share the driving as much as I used to do.

  5. Your Gent’s Fancy Socks look great. I’ve just got the book but haven’t knitted anything from it yet.

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