Blog Face Lift and Gents Socks

I’ve been wanting to give my blog a face lift for the past month and have finally taken the plunge. What-d0-ya-think? De-cluttering is in order. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with links and buttons on my old blog and the goal is to keep this one much simpler.

The Fancy Gentlemen Socks are finished from the Vintage Sock Knitalong. Although I loved the pattern, the toes turned out, well …. rather “elfish”. They are really pointy! They are not quite as pointy on my feet but I would definitely change the toe pattern if I ever knit this pattern again. I love the Shaefer Anne yarn that my One Skein Pal sent me. It is now tied with the Shepherd Sock as my favorite yarn. Aren’t the colors stunning?

BTW, I have had the most incredible One Skein Pal. She sent her final package to me and I will be posting about it tomorrow……what she made for me is PERFECT!

Back to the Broncos………….and, my orange and blue Opal Bronco socks! I am using Grumperina’s Jaywalker pattern. I think I am the only sock knitter left who has not used this pattern. The needles are my new Colonial Rosewood DPNs and the needle coils are from my One Skein Pal….they work great….you just uncoil them and then wrap them around your needles to keep them snugly together. Unlike my old teeny sock sweaters that used to fit on the end of my needles, these will not be getting stretched out!

11 Comments on “Blog Face Lift and Gents Socks

  1. That’s a great colorway. I’ll have to look for that yarn.

    You’ll be glad to hear you’re not the last Jaywalker. I still haven’t done them.

    Like the new look for the blog.

  2. Your blog looks great. And the socks are beautiful. What nice colors. Oh, and I haven’t knit the Jaywalkers, either, but I’m just a beginner anyway. 🙂

  3. The facelift is great! Now, the trick is to keep it “clean”.

    The socks are gorgeous!

  4. I wish I were as good at ‘blogger’ as you are! You’re my blogger hero! Your new look is beautiful. I have blogger envy, in a very blogger way.

  5. i love zoot blogs!
    you should have your final box…i hope by today.

  6. Love the colors!!! The blog looks great. Those socks are right up my alley as well. Just want to say that I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Great yarn and socks! I hope to finish my “gent” socks by the weekend. I really like the new blog look. It’s a “good thing”

  8. I haven’t started Jaywalkers either so you aren’t alone.. I keep meaning to, but some other pattern keeps distracting me!

  9. Just found your blog through the Nancy Bush button. I’m knitting the Gents Fancy socks too – agree on the toes, they are very pointy! I also haven’t done Jaywalkers, but they are next on my “fancy sock patterns” list…

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