She’s Doing WHAT to Her Bookshelves?

With the hint of Fall in the air and all the schoolbuses back on the road, I am feeling the old twinges of missing the start of a new school year. This is now the third year that I have not been up to my eyeballs in lesson plans and new curriculi. My girls, on the other hand, are still spending money on textbooks but I no longer play a part in picking them. One of my daughters spent $654 on used textbooks this semester!

So, what have I decided to do to fill this longing to have my hands on some books? Something I’ve been meaning to do for years but have never had the time to tackle —- ALPHABETIZE all my bookshelves. What, you say? Is she nutso? I have nine bookshelves in my house and plan to take a bookshelf a day until I’m done. Here you see Bookshelf 1 and Bookshelf 2. If only you could see all the books on my living room floor right now. I’ll spare you. They are all in nice little piles of the alphabet. I’ve already discovered I have three copies of Gulliver’s Travels. And, I’ve already discovered that I have far more books than I will ever have time to read. This is quite convicting! I have decided to set aside time every day to read. No more excuses.

What do I really want to be doing right now? Can you tell I’m taking a break? I want to make a pot of tea to try out my new tea cozy that my ONE SKEIN PAL knit for me! Isn’t it lovely? It fits my Old Country Rose 4-cup teapot perfectly. Brenda has been a super pal and we have so much in common. I hope to enjoy many more years of friendship with her! She also sent the little needle coils that I posted about yesterday, a dishcloth and some chocolate covered popcorn that I can’t show you because IT IS ALL GONE! Yum!

And, I finally have figured out who my young SP8 pal is — it is Heatherly, the Yarn Yenta! I received my last package from her and in it was FOLK MITTENS. I have been longing to knit some of these fun mittens for a while. Hopefully, you will see more about my adventures in learning how to knit mittens this winter. Stay tuned!

4 Comments on “She’s Doing WHAT to Her Bookshelves?

  1. LOVE the new look, Rebecca!!! It is very nice. Makes me want to do a little redesigning, too.

    Loved your story about taking your oldest to college. We’re all in a traumatized state after dropping Leah off…boo hoo!

  2. lol! i have made that cozy!
    i will be watching. now the other florisants will know my maiden name “howard” so if you see them, tell them “hi”. lol!

  3. Rebecca, I love the new look for the blog. Very cute. The tea cozy is adorable.

    Thanks for the story of dropping your oldest off at college. We have been missing Leah horribly here. It will be better soon.

  4. Are you OK? 😉

    I think I’m doing very well when I keep the books according to subject and size!

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