No More Naked Popcorn

No more naked popcorn and no more laptop!

With the unavailabilty of my laptop, I have braved my husband’s study with a bowl of No-More-Naked-Popcorn and Arizona Diet Peach Iced Tea to visit blogland and post a blog. Woe is me! The absence of my laptop is putting a serious cramp in my social blogging life! With one week left on its warranty, I have mailed it back to Compaq for some maintenance work. I’ve been putting this off all summer until finally DH said I had to relinquish it. Two weeks without it! Or, at least, that is how long THEY say it will be gone. We’ll see about that.

Have any of you tried Kernel Season’s popcorn seasonings? I love these seasonings! The sodium in them is very low which is why I initially started using them. My ears start ringing when I eat food that is high in sodium. I think I like the Ranch the best, however I just tried the Caramel today and it is very yummy. So, if you are a no-more-naked-popcorn freak like myself, which seasoning is your favorite?

On the knitting front, I am plugging away on St. Brigid. I finished the second repeat today and have 9 more to go for the back. Vanessa asked if I like the Cascade 220 yarn and the answer is yes, I do. However, the test will be when I actually wear the sweater later this winter. I’m not sure if I will need to wear something underneath it yet. I really do not like “scratchy” yarn. The cables are “popping” with the Cascade. Joni asked if I was having fun knitting it. I am. I know I will need to keep some smaller projects going as I knit this to help me feel like I am accomplishing something – if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully, my knitting will speed up as I get more familiar with the pattern. My goal is to knit two repeats a week.

9 Comments on “No More Naked Popcorn

  1. oh MAN i’ve never seent he ranch or the caramel.. I want to try them i love the butter, but i do enjoy the white cheddar. i know i’d love the ranch and carmel! HOLY COW i’m sooo looking for the other two.. i wonder if they make BBQ. but i’m a sucker for the oldies. i love the butter!

  2. I can’t wait to see your St. Brigid. Are you going to put the fringe on it? I normally don’t like fringe, but I do on that sweater.

    Popcorn: I have some Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning that I put on mine.

  3. Those must be a western thing cause I’ve never seen those seasonings around here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Boy do I feel your pain about the laptop! Here’s to a swift return!

  4. I can’t imagine being two weeks with out my laptop! I’ll keep my sticks crossed for ur laptops quick return!

  5. WE had to send my daughter’s HP desktop in for warranty earlier this year and they were surprisingly quick — I hope it’s the same for you!

    St. Brigid is looking wonderful! I usually wear a light shirt under mine, but now that it’s been worn and washed a few times, I should try it without.

  6. LOL I’ve got to ask… what’s “No More Naked Popcorn”? Hope your puter’s back soon! Blogging on a different puter is VERY strange (I know).

  7. I have just been over at Knitwit mamas blog and saw the wonderful package you gave to her. I thought I would come and visit, you do some amazing knitting and I will definately be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The St. Brigid is beautiful. I think you will definitely want to wear something under it – I am thinking either a silk turtleneck or a “cuddley” which is a sort of woman’s long john – er jane!

    I have knit with Cascade 220 for a cable sweater and I find it delightful. I also use Elann Peruvian HIghland which is softer than Cascade (spongier) if that makes it any clearer.

    Love that popcorn story… back to upholstering the DD couch

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