St. Brigid Back Progress

With DH on an out-of-town business trip and my laptop in the shop, I decided to spend last week with my SIL in her beautiful new mountain home . The drive over and back was gorgeous even without the golden colors of the turning aspen trees. The aspen are quickly reaching their peak color and Fall has arrived in the Rockies. We had a fun week, the highlight for me being a visit to a yarn store in Boulder called Skeins, Shuttles and Spindles. It was, without a doubt, the largest yarn store I have ever been to! I could have spent hours and hours in it but, alas, my SIL does not knit and did not have much interest in what it contained. I just might have to make the trek to it again by my lonesome and spend a whole day ..LOL

Knowing we would be spending much time in the car, I only took a sock to work on and Nana’s Saxon Scarf. St. Brigid rested at home in a basket and still lies there waiting for me to pick her up. I might add that she is looking stunning….what do you think? If I remember correctly, I think I’ve knit three repeats on the back. Despite my growing familiarity with the pattern, this is going to be a very slow knit. Thank goodness for socks, eh?

Check out the cute stitch markers that my SP8 gave me….can you read what they spell? They remind me to laugh at my mistakes. Afterall, isn’t knitting a HOBBY?

And that brings me to the two socks I have on the needles. The first is my Denver Broncos/Auburn Tigers sock that I ONLY work on during those football games. The yarn is a lovely Opal in the colors both teams share – orange and navy. I’m using a pattern that I’ve long wanted to try from KNIT SOCKS! called Peaks and Valleys. Lace socks are not a favorite of mine but I think I will like these….although, the yarn is not very soft and my tootsies prefer very soft socks.

DH has continued to request a new pair of wool socks for his feet. In fact, he was quite dismayed to find his favorite wool socks damp and drying when he got back from his business trip. He won’t have to lament much longer because whilst he was away I started knitting him a new pair. I’m using Austermann Step yarn. Have any of you tried it? The yarn actually has Jojoba and Aloe Vera in it and it is very soft. You might recognize the pattern as it is the Fancy Gentlemen’s Socks from Vintage Socks. I liked this pattern so much the first time round that I just couldn’t picture this yarn in any other pattern. I’ve modified the pattern to use the heel that fits DH best and I definitely won’t be knitting those pointy toes again!

16 Comments on “St. Brigid Back Progress

  1. Head cheerleader: “Ok, I want this side to be orange, and this side to be blue”

    Students: “ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Alumni: “BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Students: “ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Alumni: “BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Students: “ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Alumni: “BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    (The way those wimpy LSU Tigers were greeted in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Did I mention Auburn won the game? 😉 )

  2. I like the idea of having some socks you knit just while watching the games, especially since it is in the team colors.

  3. St. Brigid is looking quite lovely! I was thinking that Cascade 220 was going to be a bit light but from your picture, it looks great. Are you using the recommended needle size for the pattern?

  4. Orange and Blue. GO GATORS!!!!

    St. Brigid is gorgeous. I love those squiggly cables. This is the first time I’ve seen the cables really close up.

  5. Gorgeous sweater! Love the socks! Once you’ve washed the Opal it will be softer and your feet will love them.

  6. Your Gentleman’s Fancy socks are beautiful! I’m liking the Austermann Step yarn -wooly yet soft. My DH is a hockey coach and I’m hoping they will be good rink socks – hope your hubby likes them!
    WOW – Your St. Brigid is gorgeous!

  7. St. Brigid is looking lovely indeed. Lovely lovely.

    Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins is fabulous. I stopped there once about 5 years ago when I was passing through, and I fell in love with both the shop and Boulder. You should definitely go back with fiber folks.

  8. What fun to have socks knit exclusively at games! And pretty, too. Don’t worry about the Opal too much; once it’s been washed a time or two it will be nice and soft.

  9. I can’t wait to restart my St Brigid! Your’s look so great. Love the stitch definition. And the colour is soooo great!

  10. The color you chose for your St. Brigid is beautiful. The sweater looks great. I’m from the Knitalong and I am also starting with the back.

  11. Is is opal yarn that you are using for the orange socks? If so it will soften up alot when washed and worn a couple of times. I have a pair made out of opal and they are really really soft now.

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