Mock Cable Dandy Dog Sweater

The Dandy Dog Sweater winner is the Mock Cable Sweater (the gold sweater). Thank you all for helping me decide which sweater to knit first. Since I am using yarn from stash, I won’t be knitting it in the gold yarn. I had some lovely Cascade 220 Quatro in a coral color (my favorite color) and have started the sweater with this yarn.

It’s going quickly so far. I used Theresa‘s method of knitting and reading at the same time and got most of this done this morning with some reading I needed to do.

Some of you had asked what pattern this is. It is a Fiber Trends pattern called Dandy Dogs.

Kathy , who is knitting for Sofee, asked if it came in a size small enough for her 4-1/2 lb. Chi… I’m knitting the XXS. There are 7 sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. The XXS has a back length of 10″, chest size of 12″ and finished sweater size range of 9-1/2″-14″. I may have to shorten mine a bit but I think the chest size will work for my shivering-in-the-Rockies-teacup-poodle.

6 Comments on “Mock Cable Dandy Dog Sweater

  1. it looks great so far, and probably almost big enough for a teacup. Love the color you chose.

  2. That is going to be adorable! I like the coral much better than the gold!
    I saw it over on the Fall Cable KAL before I read your post today.Can’t wait to see it on that poodle!

  3. Coral?!? He’s a boy, Mommy!

    (On the other hand, he *is* a teacup poodle…)

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