Snooks the Dandy Dog

Snooks is a dandy dog he is! This eleven year old teacup poodle isn’t shivering anymore! Sadly, I discovered he is no longer an XXS. The sweater is a bit snug on him. In fact, DH says it is way too small which leads me to believe that every time I turn around Snooks will have “mysteriously” taken his sweater off…imagine that! This little guy needs to go on a doggy diet! His next sweater will be an XS.

9 Comments on “Snooks the Dandy Dog

  1. Poor Snooks — a diet! He looks awfully cute in his sweater. Nice job.

  2. Oh! Snooks is a cutie for sure!! How much does he weigh? Isn’t it difficult getting them to fit “just so”. Sofee is just way too picky, and will disrobe if not totally satisfied!! LOL!

    I did think of you last week, as we visited the Rockies! The Aspens were naked 😦 but lovely, none the less. Had a great time!
    Kathy in Iowa (and Sofee too)

  3. Aww what a cutie! Have you started the next one yet? [Like you’re not knitting a million other things currently ;o)]

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