First Corrugated Rib

I finished my very first corrugated rib tonight and it was so much fun! My Mom gave me the yarn last Christmas for the Nordic Mittens in the 2004 Interweave Knits magazine. I have long wanted to knit these mittens. These Nordic Mittens are designed by Beth Brown-Reinsel.

The colors are much prettier in real life than these pictures show. The yarn is Brown Sheep’s Naturespun Sport.

My ribs seem to be narrower than the picture in the magazine and I am hoping this is not an indication that my gauge is too tight. I’m not overly concerned because I have “smallish” hands. I didn’t knit a gauge swatch but am going off the gauge on some socks I once knit with Naturespun yarn.

Now..a question for my fair isle blogging buddies………… are the floats looking? Are they too tight? This is my first “stranding” project and I am so fortunate to have you guys to mentor me through this!

BTW, don’t tell Lolly that I’m not knitting socks…..LOL

12 Comments on “First Corrugated Rib

  1. I don’t know nothing about FI (doesn’t go over too well here in Florida) but it looks lovely to me 🙂

  2. I don’t think I can find any fault in it, public and private sides. In fact, it’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

    Does it stretch when you pull (to widen)?

  3. Those mittens are going to be beautiful. I’ve had that pattern “post-it noted” since I first saw it in IK. I’m no expert, but your corrugated rib looks perfect to me – just make sure it fits over your hand – keep trying it on to make sure it fits.
    PS – I think the spit splicing would work just fine with Nature Spun – nice feltable wool. Can’t wait to see the finished mittens!

  4. I have always loved those mittens! I will be watching your progress very carefully…they are just beautiful, and i’m glad to see someone knitting them.

  5. Those are absolutely gorgeous. The inside looks good enough to wear outside.

  6. Gorgeous mittens…they are on my list to knit. Can’t wait to see your progress.

  7. They look gorgeous! The floats look fine to me. I adore these mittens, I really am going to have to knit them someday.

  8. I’m not an expert in color knitting AT ALL, but I must want to be because I keep taking classes… My guess as to why your ribs are different might have to do with which hand you held the yarn in — or something in the way you held it as it was worked. One of the colors will always be dominant and one recedes and it can make a big difference in how a pattern looks. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way, you just want to be sure you do it the SAME WAY for the other mitten. Of course, it’s probably something you didn’t even pay attention to in the first place!

    (Thanks for the breakfast ideas!)

  9. After seeing your mittens, I guess I’ll have to give that fair isle project with self striping another try. They look great. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll be checking back.

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