Apple Day

I went to an apple orchard on Saturday and came home with this:

Twenty pounds of beautiful Jonathan apples waiting to be made into yummy applesauce.

These apples have been waiting patiently for me while all my attention has been given to this:

For my Fair Isle mentors who have asked if I have tried the mit on to see if it fits my wrist, the answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’. It has been tried on and the cuff does fit my wrist with a little bit of ease.

I am discovering how very ‘addicting’ this stranded knitting is! It is almost as if you are painting and you can’t wait to see how the next color affects the painting. Oh dear, I can foresee that my socks just might have to take a back seat to this new found love ……

But not only are my apples calling me today, I also have a chapter to read in this:

Did you know that almost every colonial home had a copy of Pilgrims Progress their home? This book, along with a Bible, were often the only two books they owned. It is one of my very favorite books. I like to collect old copies and the one pictured is my 1883 edition. It has the most incredible engravings inside. This particular artist captured each character better than any other that I have seen. I just might have to share some of them with you in the future.

And, since I am currently teaching this course, I really must devote my afternoon to studying this:

So, I’m off to do the duties of life today as I suspect you are ,and, if I’m diligent, I just might have time to sit down at the end of my busy day and pull out the sticks! Meanwhile, we have a big snowstorm on its way and the temperature outside is plummeting.

11 Comments on “Apple Day

  1. Oh dear, plug your ears! Do not listen to the siren’s song 😉 How about Fair Isle socks? Or have you seen the preview of the winter Interweave? Venezia might looks nice on your daughters!

    The mittens are fabulous!

  2. I have never read Pilgrim’s Progress…I’ve heard it is very hard to understand.

    The mittens are looking great! I can’t wait to see the completed product! I haven’t tried Fair Isle anything yet, but I do have the yarn and pattern for a pair from Knit Picks using one of the self striping yarns and a solid coloured one.

  3. I just made apple turnovers for the first time today. Any hints on how to easily peel an apple? I’m guessing the way I did it (with a vegetable peeler) wasn’t the smartest way because I had to keep stopping and pulling apple skin out of the peeler blades.

    The mittens are gorgeous so far.

  4. I don’t think I would be able to put down those mittens either! (assuming I could do fair isle!)
    mmmm… I just made apple butter yesterday, I have a few apples left, might have to make some sauce too : D

  5. The mitten is looking great, the colors are gorgeous. And the apples look delicious.

  6. What lovely photography in this post! Those mittens are stunning. I love the color gradation.

  7. I first heard of Pilgrim’s Progress in Little Women. So when I came across it a couple years later in my middle school library, I took it out and read it. I didn’t really like it, at the time, so I’m glad I got the chance to read it again later, as an adult. Much more understandable then….

  8. hi button guru
    how do i make one? i wamt one for my latest blog contest. can you help?

  9. The colors you are using for your Fair Isle mittens are just gorgeous! They even match the apples in the photograph.

    I agree about this type of knitting being addicting. I notice I knit faster just to see the colors together.

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