I Think It’s Snowing

I think it’s snowing outside which makes today a nice day for FLAKKING and KITCHENERING.

I’m having problems getting out of my flannel pajamas, too. I think I will snuggle down under my comforter and plug an old Andy Hardy movie into my laptop and work on that FLAK that I toyed around with last January. Afterall, I only have a few months left in the year and everyone else has just about finished theirs!

My husband is working from home today and just came in to try to convince me to help him shovel the snow away from our DSL connection. When I told him I was warm, toasty and settled in he said I really was “older than dirt”, but I’m not frowning because he also said this:

10 Comments on “I Think It’s Snowing

  1. I’d stay in bed too, or on the couch. I remember the winter my Dad was stationed there (I was in the 4th grade) we had a blast in all that snow. Now that I’m an adult I dread it (driving in it, shovling it, etc). Keep warm!!

  2. Wow, and here I am whining about it being cold and windy (but snowless) and you’ve been socked in. I only lived in Dever for a year, but that was more than enough as far as snow goes for me.

  3. Beautiful! And very nice if you can stay inside. šŸ˜‰

    Welcome to the 50s. It doesn’t seem so bad, but I’ve only had a year’s experience at it. Since my DH is 7 years older, he gets the “older than dirt” title. You’re still not a senior citizen. No discount.

  4. hmmm… its either snowing.. or you *really* need to get some head and shoulders ; )

  5. How nice and cozy! It was 75 degrees here today. My poor neglected wool sweaters . . .

  6. Now is the time for socks! I’m pulling out all of mine that I haven’t worn for a few seasons, giving them a good wash and looking forward to woolies on my footsies for the next 6 months. While I love to look at your snow, I’m SO happy to be a low-lander with no snow to shovel. Yup. Snow belongs in the mountains and I belong to the valleys. We’re happy this way.

  7. Oh my gosh, that’s a real *heap* of snow! I’d stay in bed too, or curled up on the couch knitting – that’s certainly no weather to go out! Over here in Austria we still have summer-ish temperatures (in the mid 80s, actually) and we’re enjoying it to the fullest – knowing perfectly well that a cold winter is just around the corner. Stay warm, will you?

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