Knitting for Christmas

I’m sure that I am not the only lone knitter out there burning the night oil to knit Christmas presents. I gave myself permission this year to NOT knit Christmas presents; however, last week I eyed some yarn in a basket that I had purchased to make DH his Gentleman’s Railway Socks for the Knitting Vintage Socks KAL and suddenly felt guilty.

My Dad can definitely live without receiving a present knit by me. My Mom will receive her Saxon Braid Scarf that I knit this summer. My girls probably can live without a handmade present. But my husband? He loves his warm wool socks too much….. and I think he would treasure socks above anything money can buy. Isn’t that funny?

So, here is a progress picture. I have mapped out how much I need to knit each day to get these completed in time for Christmas. It means watching movies and burning the night oil but that should be no problem since my girls are coming home in 6 days!

I did manage to get a few rows of Alcea knit this week but not many rows. I love the colors in this sweater. I’m monitoring Anne’s progress closely and pretty much copying all her modifications. This will be my first cardigan. I have settled into the flow of knitting with two hands. My tension is getting better but still needs work. I’ve been told that this is one of those ‘practice makes perfect’ skills and I’m comfortable with that. BTW, this and my FLAK sweater are my first sweaters. If you see me wavering in fear as I get further along I give you permission, right here and now, to give me a stern tongue lashing to whip me into shape!

9 Comments on “Knitting for Christmas

  1. The sweater looks awesome! And I am also trying to finish my hubby socks — just because he deserves them!

  2. I’m in “knit nothing but the sweater for my husband” mode. I have 2 weeks from today for it to be complete. I just might do it.

  3. You’re right Rebecca, it’s Dept 56. Your colorwork is gorgeous! I’ll give that a whorl after the holidays (I don’t need that stress right now). I’m working on the cabled sweater for my son (I know I won’t have it done by Christmas, but he’ll be happy to see me working on it.

  4. Whoa- your alcea sweater is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it when I get home.

  5. That is going to be a GORGEOUS sweater!
    Vintage Sock KAL – I’m in it,but have yet to knit a sock (a lazy member with too much on her plate) but your January Challenge is pulling at me! The Gentleman’s Railway socks are very handsome.

  6. I’m knitting the nights away too. I’m hoping not too many gifts will end up being almost done instead of all the way done.

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