Where Are My Elves?

The shelves have been cleared of their books and lie in wait………….

My Dept. 56 Original Snow Village are out of their boxes and ready to be put on the shelves……

But where are my minions…oops, I mean “elves” who set up the Snow Village every year? They are finishing final exams and packing to come home!

These clever elfins wanted the house to be all decorated and ready for them when they arrived but, I do not have their ingenuity of setting up snowy hills for the Snow Village and all the other things they do to make the setting “just right.” This annual event has been delegated to my girls since they were 9 and 10 years old. I don’t think I have the heart this year to do this on my own. I’m just not ready…..yet. Maybe next year.

Consequently,I think this little village will wait patiently until Friday when Jennifer and Allison are home (at last!) and can set it up together.

On the fiendishly knitting front – I have one size 12 Railway Sock completed for DH…….

How many days do I have left to complete sock #2?

12 Comments on “Where Are My Elves?

  1. Can’t wait to see your village all set up!

    I just realized this morning that on top of the knitting I want to get done before Christmas, I need to get a pair of socks done by the end of the month for the Sock a Month 2 KAL…I’m hoping that by Dec. 31 I can at least get a child’s pair done…lol (either that or do my one sock for myself…the mate has been laying in wait since the summer). At least I don’t need to have it done for Christmas!

  2. The sock looks great. Would you like to knit a pair for my hubby too? 🙂

  3. wow that looks soo promising! i’m sure that it will be nice to have them home again. supposidly there are 12 days left but i’m trying to forget that, there is just too much to get done… onward! hands get to work! LOL

  4. We decorated this year w/o Leah, and boohoo! It was bittersweet…

    I can see Mister needs a pair of the gentlemen’s socks. Yours is, well, stunning!! I have the book; that’s a good start, eh?

    Great blogging as usual!

  5. Love the sock!!!!

    I can’t wait to see the village all set up. Won’t that be a special time of reuniting for the girls and you? An opportunity to put aside the stress of exams and just be kids again. Sit back and just enjoy the time with them.

  6. Hopefully you’ll show us soon photos of the completed village!

    Love your Alcea, by the way. I have it in the stash as well (purchased from Anne), but I plan on making the pullover version.

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