A Family Tradition

This is the first year that my husband and I are doing one of our favorite mountain Christmas traditions alone, our six foot Advent Log. We have a new Advent book by Calvin Miller that my husband reads to me every night after the candles are lit. We then pray for an individual from our list. I’m enjoying this special time together, although it is definitely a reminder that it is just the two of us now! Not for long though, my girls are flying home as I write this post.

Here is the log as it appears in the daylight hours. There are green candles for Sundays, a white candle for Christmas Day and red candles for the remaining days.

Here is the log at night. As you can probably tell, we light an additional candle each night and on Christmas the white candle in the center will be lit.

9 Comments on “A Family Tradition

  1. I love the log idea. We light our advent wreath on Sundays only and it would be nice to something every night. Either way I love the way it reminds us of the reason we celebrate.

  2. What a great tradition you have! I love that advent log. I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before…and I like the idea of lighting one candle each night until Christmas. Usually I just see the ones where you light a candle for each Sunday of Advent.

  3. That’s so lovely. And I bet your girls will keep this tradition on their own when they can, even if it takes them a few years to get settled.

    I will respond to your email soon – lots to catch up on – I’ve been working, of course!

  4. That’s really pretty and unique. It reflects your part of the world.

    In Canada, I suppose we could stick a candle in a Beaver Tail- it’s a food.

  5. Okay this comment isn’t about the advent wreath although I do like it. I want to comment on your amazing knitting, and ask a quick question. How did you get started? I’d love to do intense projects, but I just don’t know where to go from my basics. Did you teach yourself (it seems like you would…you’re that good at stuff like this) and if so what books or sites would you recommend to a beginner who can usually catch on fairly quickly?

    I’m glad Jennifer will be so close. I never imagined she’d live in TN. Well I must feed my son. Hope you are all well and we can see everyone soon. Have a merry Christmas!!

    xanga: WEFLORES3

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