Cold Winter Day

A cold winter day in the Rockies!

A good day for washing a week’s worth of socks and hanging them on the logs to dry. When I first started knitting socks I would carefully handwash them and put them on my sock blockers to dry. Now I go for the quickest way – toss them in the washing machine on delicate and then drape them over the stair rails! How do you wash yours?

We can always tell what critters have been around the house by the tracks in the snow. There is no sneaking around our house! Fortunately, these are not human tracks of any kind. Something has been roaming around between my house and the neighbor’s house. Most likely these are deer tracks but I prefer to stay inside where it is nice and warm instead of doing any serious investigating. We have all sorts of mountain critters lurking around. I don’t know how they stay warm in these frigid temperatures.

Here is an early morning shot of the mountains outside my dining room window:

13 Comments on “Cold Winter Day

  1. Beautiful scenery pics Rebecca!

    I wash my socks by saving up a load, tossing them in my sink with some baby shampoo and cold water, rinse well, pat out the excess water then hang em over the rungs of a wooden folding drying stand I have.

  2. When the sock box is full of dirty socks – I wash and rinse them all together in the kitchen sink – throw them in the washer on spin cycle and line them all up on a wooden drying rack in the kitchen …..admiring them until they dry.

  3. I’m not machine-washing my Valentine’s socks anymore (the ones with the bearfoot yarn). They keep turning my laundry red.

  4. I’m a blasphemous hussy I guess. Mine go in the wash on a normal cycle (only knit socks in superwash wools). I don’t do laundry and the husband won’t handwash so….

  5. Boy howdy that’s cold! Beautiful scenery but Brrrrrr!

    Love the sock photo too.

  6. I hang all my non-dryer clothing over the stair rails to dry. That would have been a good thing to mention in 6 weird things, huh?

  7. ahh! Your pictures are so peaceful, i especially love the last one!
    I handwash all my socks at once in the kitchen sink, usually when I run out. Run them through the spin cycle on the washer, and then hang them on the drying rack to dry… If clothing didn’t get stuck under my washers agitator I would wash them on the delicate cycle!

  8. Oh Dear!! I best not show my husband those lovely Colorado Rockie pictures! He is a mountain man stuck in the flatlands of Iowa!! We migrate back each fall, but he still longs for those snow covered vistas!! Enjoy (as I know you must) as you truly live in a most beautiful part of the world…..

  9. I handwash my socks out of habit . . . because when I started knitting them I lived in a dorm. Now that I have a washing machine, well, we’ll see. I still like the process. And I have so many I don’t have to do it often.

  10. I wash my two measly handmade pairs in the washer and then dry in the dryer. They are made from Sockotta but I will probably start hand washing them soon. When I have more pairs.

  11. Beautiful snowy pics!

    As for how I wash socks…I have one pair that require hand washing (I’ve only worn them a couple of times so far) and I wash them in the bathroom sink and hang them over the town rack to dry. The other socks are able to go in the washer and dryer, so that’s what I do with them.

  12. Ummm…I just noticed after I hit enter that I made a typo…I said I hang the socks over the town rack…that’s not true – especially since I have no idea what a town rack is or if one even exists, LOL! No, I hang them over the towel rack, which makes more sense.

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