Footballers Wives

How many of you are footballers wives? I’m curious to see what everyone did during the Super Bowl. Are any of you avid football fans? If so, who did you want to win the game? Or, are you a football widow? Did you get much knitting done during the game?

I have tried to cultivate a love for football because my husband enjoys having me there with him as he watches the games. I’m not an avid football fan but if I have some sticks and yarn in my hands I can enjoy the whole football thing.
DH and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening together. My nephew has been spending Sunday afternoons with the church youth group which is wonderful for him as well as us! We are missing our empty nest and our alone time together 😦
I alternated knitting between my Irish Hiking Scarf and my second Spey sock (last KOTR KAL). My paws were itching to work on something else but I am trying very hard to stick with only two projects at a time. I think my multi-task-knitting-approach was unproductive in 2006 so the two-project plan is my new tactic for 2007. And, I will ONLY knit one pair of socks at a time. And, I will only knit from my stash!

8 Comments on “Footballers Wives

  1. Thankfully, I married a man who doesn’t watch most sports. He does watch NASCAR but that’s ok because I like that too. When we first married he tried to like hockey (he’s a hockey widower during the season) but it just wasn’t him. I snuggled up on the couch with the girls (three dogs) and watched Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet. Got lots of knitting done.

    For the Super Bowl, once I realized who was playing I was rooting for Chicago. Because Chicago is in Illinois. And Springfield is in Illinois. And Guiding Light is set in Springfield, Illinois. Other than that, it really didn’t matter to me. I’m still smarting that Jackson, the Golden Retriever puppy, didn’t win MVP of the Puppy Bowl.

    Guess I wasn’t on any winning side today.

  2. I half heartedly watch while knitting. If Dave steps out of the room and asks me what happened while he was gone….I have no clue (but I can tell him how my socks are going)

    I’m trying to stick to a 4 project plan….a sweater, 2 socks, and another misc. (hat, scarf, shawl, mittens) project – right now I’m off by 1 (5 projects going – and it doesn’t feel right!!- gotta finish something fast)

    Your Spey Valley are beautiful in that yarn!

  3. I enjoy sports, especially football. Last night’s SuperBowl was very exciting except for the rain. I was pulling for the Colts because of Peyton Manning. My knitting was the “Cozy in Cables” sweater for CIC.

  4. I LOVE Football. My husband is usually the widower I guess. I was very happy to see the Colts win since I was cheering for them. I love your socks that you are making and you have been tagged for the ABC meme. I would love to see your responses.

  5. Not a sports fan at all (well, I do like the Olympics; winter). Hubby went to a friends house (to watch the game) and I spent the day catching up on laundry, watched “The Closer” marathon on TNT and knit socks.

  6. Yesterday my husband asked our 3 year old daughter if she was going to watch the superbowl. She responded “Daddy, I’m not that impressed with football.”

  7. My man does not watch sports, I’m so lucky! We watched Sherlock Holmes DVDs and also the puppy bowl of course.

  8. I used to be an avid fan. Now I only get in to NASCAR, only 1 week until it’s back on the track! The last 2 years we have had a Super Bowl party at the knit shop where I work. We open at noon and have food and beverages, sit and knit, help with questions about projects and give out door prizes. Some stay until half-time, but most leave around game time to go to other parties. This year our state was in the game, Indianapolis Colts. I didn’t really watch any of it. Bad Hoosier, I guess.

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