Corner of the House Friday

Corner of the House

The premise is that you often move away from a home and are left with only memories because you took no pictures of it while you lived in it. I thought it was a great idea and so I am starting a weekly Corner of the House on my blog. I don’t remember whose blog I first saw it on, so if it was YOUR idea please chime in so I can give you credit for it!

The corner I picked for my “first’ corner is probably the one that gets the most attention in the house. Why? The television is directly across from my favorite knitting spot! This is a corner in our main, or “great”, room. The television is surrounded by many of my favorite books. There are several on classical education by Susan Wise Bauer and others. It will take me a lifetime to read all the books I’ve collected on my bookshelf!

The bookshelf also harbors two Longaberger picnic baskets, large and small. These are great for carrying food to potlucks :-). The pottery plate on the top shelf was a gift from a dear friend of mine. She bought an identical plate for herself. They are our ‘Mispah’ plates to remind us of our long-awaited move to Colorado together. There were four families from our church in Dallas that wanted to move to Colorado. We wanted to get out of the fast lane of city life and so we picked a small town in the mountains and just up and moved! Of all four families only one family still remains in that small town. This pottery plate is to remind me of that town.

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