Corner of the House Friday

Here is an early morning shot of my dining room for Corner of the House Friday. As you will discover, I have very few curtains in my house. When I moved into my mountain home I decided that curtains would take away from the mountain views and so, eight years later, I still have no curtains. There are times when I contemplate sewing some curtains but most of the time I contemplate how I would rather knit than sew!

There is a story behind my elk chandelier. We had to wait almost two months before moving to our cabin home because the former owners wanted to enjoy their last summer in Colorado. I kept myself busy in the city buying “mountain” things whilst I waited. This elk lighting fixture was one thing I bought.

Having no place to put it, the fixture remained in the middle of my living room floor in the city. Occasionally, I would hold it up and admiringly turn on its lights. Apparently one day I “forgot” to unplug it and left it on the floor in its usual spot. Soonafter, my daughters and I began to notice a “burning” smell in our house. My husband was away on business and every night I would tell him that I could not locate the smell but KNEW something was not right in our house. Several days passed before I finally determined the odor came from the living room and in horror realized it was coming from my elk lighting fixture. When I picked the lamp up I discovered the halogen bulb had burned a hole through my carpet. Not only had it burned through the carpet, it had burned all the way through the floorboard underneath the carpet!

The carpet was new. The house was sold. We hired a very, very clever carpet guy who was able to plug the hole in the floor and patch the perfect round circle of burnt carpet.

8 Comments on “Corner of the House Friday

  1. Your house looks so nice. Next time I’m in Colorado I’m coming by for a visit. I mean, only if you invite me of course.

  2. I have to admit that I envy you living in your beautiful mountain home! Wow! My only chance is to win the HGTV Dream Home.(LOL) I am glad your Elk chandelier didn’t start a worse fire in your old house. My husband was fireman and I know how serious it could have been.

  3. That is too funny now I am sure. That also sounds like something I would do. I love your IHS scarf. The color is beautiful, it matched the quilt perfectly. I had to look twice to notice that the scarf was hanging over it. LOL

  4. I wouldn’t put curtains up either if I had beautiful mountain views. You were lucky the light fixture didn’t burn the house down. Glad everything worked out.

  5. I am a non curtain person too – My mother-in-law keeps asking why I like living in a fish bowl!

  6. Hi Rebecca, what a beautiful house. With that view, I wouldn’t put up curtains either! You know what, I had never been able to see your blog before (I saw your link on my friends post) When you left me comments, I tried to reply, but I would click on your profile, and it does not show your blog, just your knit-alongs. How strange! Anyway, glad I found you now and can see the cool projects you are working on! 🙂

  7. Yikes! Glad it was just the carpet and that you knew of a clever carpet guy.

    With views like that, who needs curtains?

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