UFO report

Time for a UFO report! I resurrected my Irish Hiking Scarf and finished it last Saturday. I wasn’t overly excited about knitting with an acrylic blend. My IHS was knit with WoolEase on size 7 Brittany needles. Using these new stitch counters resulted in a no-mistake scarf, whoo-hoo! I bought them at Knit Picks and plan on purchasing another set for my FLAK.

The next project on my UFO list is Shedir, a pattern from Knitty. It was “supposed” to be a Christmas present for DD #2 who looks adorable in hats. Actually, DD #1 looks pretty darn cute in the first hat she has ever knit! Way to go, Jen-Jen!
I love the look of Shedir but it does require some concentration to knit. I definitely had to reaccquaint myself with the pattern.

6 Comments on “UFO report

  1. Very nice work on your IW scarf and I know what you mean about finishing it. I knit four of them before Christmas. I’ve always liked “Shedir” so know how pretty it will be.

  2. Haha… I printed that pattern off yesterday, and am really intimidated (for the first time ever in terms of craft projects). I think it’s because I’ve never followed a… um… graphical pattern before. I think I can do it, though- I want to try it sometime soon.

  3. I think we started our Shedirs at the same time. Mine is half the size of yours — which looks great, btw. You are giving me good incentive to work on it and catch up. 🙂

    Your elk chandelier story is kinda scary! Glad it turned out all right.

  4. What a coincidence, I am knitting Shedir as well! I’m using a variegated yarn, so the pattern doesn’t stand out quite as well as it does on yours. That pink will look spectacular on some lucky person’s head!


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