The Lure of the Sirens and Two Sweaters

I ventured over the mountain yesterday to spend a day in the city all by myself. Since my nephew has been here, I haven’t had this luxury in eight weeks. My DH told me to enjoy my day out and I did! And, the evidence of this enjoyment will be displayed before your very eyes in the following pictures.

I spent several hours in my LYS fondling yarn and perusing pattern books. Should I take the KNIT FROM YOUR STASH 2007 button off my sidebar before I go any further? Right now?

Yes….the lure of the sirens was too much for me! I picked up the Fall 2006 Knitscene with the Central Park Hoodie in it and carried it around the store with me the first thirty minutes. I actually put it back, twice. But then, I spotted the Tahki Donegal Tweed the pattern called for and I was doomed. RED! I love RED!

Enjoyment Evidence #1:

I actually cast on in the parking lot of the LYS! Freedom to knit all by myself with no pressure to come home. I even bought some new Brittany needles so I could cast on in the parking lot!

Whenever you fall off a challenge you might as well make it a BIG fall, right? I spotted the perfect yarn for my ROGUE pattern. It is called Kathmandu Aran and it is 85% Merino Wool, 10% Silk and 5% Cashmere. This color is one of my very favorite colors.

Enjoyment Evidence #2:

I swatched today and gauge was met on 4.0mm Inox Straight Needles. The texture of this yarn is very, very soft even though it looks “tweedy”.

The day was wonderful. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and really needed to get away from it all. All the stress is taking its toll on my body. I stopped by the grocery store to check my blood pressure and it was 153 over 93. YIKES! Guess it is time for me to get back on high blood pressure medication.

14 Comments on “The Lure of the Sirens and Two Sweaters

  1. I love that Donegal Tweed, it’s gorgeous! You will probably finish that in no time since you like it so much 🙂 I am trying to finish a sweater before I try anything from my haul 😉 The Kathmandu is beautiful, too!

  2. *laugh* I hope you didn’t get too hurt on the BIG fall. I think it was definitely worth it, though.

  3. A fall, maybe, but at least you have excellent tastes while falling.

  4. *L* at least you fell of the wagon for something really, really good!! Lovely yarns, love the red tweed : )

  5. Beautiful yarns. Sounds like just the break you needed. Maybe you should plan to take one of those once a week. Maybe not the yarn-buying part, but definitely the knitting part. 🙂

  6. I LOVE that you started in the car in the parking lot…..Love it! I know the feeling exactly!!
    That CPH is going to be amazing in red tweed – Isn’t the Tahki Donegal different yarn…kind of prefelted? Maybe that’s how all donegal tweeds are – I don’t know, but it was different to me. (I love my new sweater made from it !!)

  7. I haven’t commented before, but I can’t resist telling you that I bought the same yarn in red this weekend to knit CPH also. I enjoy reading your blog it makes me feel closer to my daughter who lives in Vail,whereas, I live in upstate NY.You make me want to start my CPH right away also. Well good luck I know it will turn out beautiful.

  8. Haha… I knew you wouldn’t make it 😉 I like those yarns, though… and I’m so excited you’re doing Rogue.

  9. Dearest,
    No need to take off the destash button. You just need to add a new rule for yourself:
    “When I’ve been caring for D. Nephew for eight weeks without extrinsic rewards, I may go straight to the yarn shop and buy yarn for any darn thing I want.”

    Lovely! And well-deserved!

  10. Rebecca, I’m glad you had such a good day, you certainly deserved it!

    Those yarns are amazing – the red one particularly appeals to me.

    Re: The Knit from Your Stash 2007 – aren’t you allowed one “fall” as it were??

  11. I think the Knit from your Stash had a couple of “Get Out of Jail” cards for that very purpose. I had to laugh when I heard you cast on in the parking lot. Doesn’t your LYS have soft comfy chairs to knit in????? Maybe they need to add some for just this purpose. Beautiful yarn.

  12. The Donegal Tweed is gorgeous! Actually they’re both gorgeous. In my opinion, you deserve to spoil yourself and you can’t do much better than the perfect yarns for CPH and Rogue.

  13. love the red!

    and you will LOVE knitting with the katmandu aran, that’s what i used for arwen.

    take acare of yourself!

  14. I love the thought of you casting on in the parking lot! And that Donegal stuff. Oh my. That could make me fall off the yarn wagon, too.

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