Mystery Monkey Sock – Part 1

We are having lots of fun with the Monkey Sock Swap! I have to include three monkey items in my package along with the socks and ever since the swap began I seem to be spying monkey things everywhere I go. Round #2 sign-ups are open if any of you are interested 🙂

Here is a close-up of the Monkey Sock I’m knitting. It really is a fun pattern and knits up quickly. This is the first time I’ve used Cherry Tree Hill yarn and now I will add it to my list of favorite yarns. All this thinking of monkeys and knitting Monkey Socks has made me want some good old traditional Monkey Socks! I’m using yarn from my stash so this is actually a Knit From Your Stash 2007 project. If you have some white, red and grey yarn in your stash then come join me for the Monkey Mystery Sock. I would love the company!

I’ll be posting the directions every several days as I’m designing them as I knit.

Monkey Materials
red fingering weight yarn, 50 g
white fingering weight yarn, 50 g
grey fingering weight yarn, hopefully only 50g

Set of 5 US #1/2.25mm double-point needles

With red yarn CO 68 sts using Continental method.
Divide the sts evenly onto 4 needles (17 sts each needle). Join into a round being careful not to twist sts.

Work 7 rows of twisted rib (K1 tbl, p1) to end of round.
Change to white yarn and knit 1 row.
Work 14 rows of plain rib (K1, P1) to end of round.

7 Comments on “Mystery Monkey Sock – Part 1

  1. How fun! I’d like to do that. I’m going to look in my stash for something that will work. Such a fun idea to make sock monkey socks.

  2. The socks are looking great. I know I don’t have the yarn for the knitalong sock. *pout*

  3. Oh my! Sock monkey socks! Of course, I don’t have the yarn for it. I have the red and white, no grey. Hmmm. Maybe the next yarn shopping day…

  4. I’m loving your mystery monkey sock…I know I’ll have red leftover from my Edelweiss socks but doubt I’ll have enough of the white and I have no grey at all. I better slip on over to a yarn shop.

  5. I’ll be following along with the Mystery Monkey sock. Need to get the yarn.

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