Reflection Tuesday

What did your family like to do on weekends when you were growing up?

This may sound like a strange way to spend your Sunday afternoons but my family, all six of us, would pile into our car and go look at model homes.

We usually did this on Sunday afternoons as Saturdays were reserved for running errands with Dad and helping him with his chores. I was a “Daddy’s girl”.

To this day, I’m not quite sure WHY we did this because my Dad’s job relocated us to a new state every three years. Although, I might add, within those three year stretches it was not at all unusual for us to live in at least two new homes within that area. My Dad used to tell us it was his “gypsy” blood that urged him on.

My brothers hated looking at model homes but I enjoyed it. As the boys got older they either stayed in the car or stayed home. I enjoyed it so much that I often passed hours and hours away drawing house plans and designing my own dream home. Imagine my shock when years later I married my husband who stays put in one state , in one house for years and years on end!

So how about you? What did YOUR family do on weekends when you were growing up?

5 Comments on “Reflection Tuesday

  1. We took a Sunday drive! The funny thing is, though, my dad was a pilot, first in Navy jets, then commercial. So, he had a “need for speed.” Our Sunday drives were more like Sunday races. For awhile, he had a little yellow MG (remember those?). I’d sit in the little tiny space in the back, my Mom in the passenger seat and we’d zoom up into the Santa Cruz Mountains. We saw very little scenery. lol

  2. We went to the drive in movies…unfortunately a long lost art form.

  3. We use to drive to cemeteries so that my Dad could get rubbings off of stones that he had to put dates on. If you haven’t guessed yet he was in the monument business. Even though it sounds creepy it was fun.

  4. We didn’t do anything that stands out but my sister and I (before we moved) used to go to the Parade of Homes every spring and fall. It was fun to go look at the “high dollar” homes.

  5. Our weekend outings with my parents were always to the race track. Really.

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