Weekend Knitting

I Finished my first Monkey Sock for the Swap this weekend. I cannot get a true representation of the colors no matter which light I put the sock in. So, you will just have to use your imagination and pretend you are basking on the beach in a tropical Carribean paradise!

I pulled an old friend out of her basket this weekend thanks to the encouragement of my daughter. ALCEA has been sitting in a basket waiting for me to decide if I wanted to frog her and make a pullover instead of a cardigan. Do you remember her encounter with the dogs last summer?

I’m still a wee bit skiddish about modifying this pattern to a cardigan. Especially since I have never knit a cardigan before! DD thought I was nuts to even consider frogging this sweater. She reminded me of all the many hours I’ve invested already. So, I pulled ALCEA out and remembered how much fun she is to knit. I’m almost done with the first 48 row repeat.

And speaking of my daughter Jennifer, I just have to post a picture of her very first pair of socks. She received Sensational Socks for her birthday along with some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn and dpns , from her MUM of course!).

Look Mum! No gusset holes!

13 Comments on “Weekend Knitting

  1. Beautiful Monkeys – I love the color! Jennifer’s “no-hole” gussets are also gorgeous.

  2. No gusset holes first time out of the gate? Wow. I’m not sure I like her very much. *laugh*

    Both your socks and hers are great.

  3. First pair? Ugh! Why can’t I knit socks like those? Brilliant!

    We were all there before! Not much difference between knitting a cardigan or pullover in Fair Isle, especially if it is a v-neck. You can’t frog all that loveliness.

  4. Wow – like mother, like daughter! Those are rather impressive for a first pair of socks.

  5. The Monkey socks are really pretty, and I am REALLY impressed with your daughter’s first pair of socks – good for her!

    Oh, I hope you’ll continue on the sweater, it’s so nice looking already.

  6. Beautiful socks — mother’s and daughter’s! And Alcea really is beautiful if you can keep at it, but it’s not a crime to frog. 🙂

  7. Great knits – all three! Congrats to DD – great job!!

    Glad you got the $$’s. You deserved a finder’s fee. Plan on doing the CPH sometime – no yarn yet.


  8. Your Monkey socks are awesome! You’re doing great with them. As well, your daughter did a FANTASTIC job on her socks, too!

  9. GREAT!! I’ve been wondering if Alcea was ever going to see the light of day again!! Your daughter is right – it is SUCH a gorgeous sweater.

    I am so impressed with her 1st pair of socks – little cables – perfect heels/gussets….you were smart to give her that beautiful Lorna’s Laces yarn – what a way to start!!!

  10. Beautiful Monkey! Your daughter is as talented as her mother.

  11. Tell Jennifer that those socks are great next time you talk to her. That sock book RULES. Anyone can knit a great pair of socks with that book. What colorway is the Lorna’s Laces????????

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