A Dog, More Milage and Jane Austen

The Runagogo is keeping me motivated to walk down and get the mail every day. There have been several times I thought about not doing so and then I thought about hitting that 100 miles by July! I have thus far logged 7.5 miles and only have 92.5 to go! The dog? He cannot log that same mileage in his log because I’ve ended up carrying him at least half the time. The other half of the time he is busy marking trees, rocks, pebbles, snow piles……….male dogs, never again!

My mini-ipod is my favorite companions on these walks. I usually listen to at least four unabridged books a month. Before you think all that time is ‘walking’ time, I must clarify that much of it is ‘knitting’ time. Earlier this month I listened to The Sorceror’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets to help me gear up for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. This week I am listening to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, one of the only remaining Austen books I have not yet read.

Speaking of Jane Austen, I received my Monkey Sock package from my British pal in the Monkey Sock Swap. Royal Mail….cool…..of course I had to open it then and there and carry the contents back home in my backpack. My next post will be all about the incredible contents. And, as one of the characters repeatedly says in Sense and Sensibility, “I am all astonishment!”

5 Comments on “A Dog, More Milage and Jane Austen

  1. That long walk to the mailbox is going to get you to 100 miles pretty quick.

  2. I envy the gorgeous NON-humid Colorado climate for walking. My sis lives in the Springs and the yarn shop you had in your blog a week ago or so, I’ve visited upon occasion. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Watch out for bears when you walk. My brother walks near his home in Aspen and has seen bears along the path.

    We have the same tastes in fiction!

  4. The walk looks like it’s pleasant. I signed up for Runagogo too, and so far, I’ve been inspired. Let’s hope that stays.

    That pup sure is a cutie! Give him a pat from me.

    Have a Happy Easter.

  5. I just bought one of those itty bitty Ipod Shuffle’s and I love it to bits. I wonder why I didn’t buy one sooner? Can’t believe how much more I’ve walked. LOL! I’ve been listening to knitting podcasts. Can you tell me where you are getting the books for your ipod from please? I’d love to listen to Jane Austen. ;o)

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