What’s this? A Gryf Sock?


I have been incredibly busy but it hasn’t been this GRYFFINDOR sock that has kept me so.

My lack of posts has not been because I have been knitting, although there has been ‘some’ knitting, but not much.

My lack of posts has been completely due to the scheme I had to get my soon-to-graduate daughter to dive into the world of knitting socks and sock swaps. I didn’t really think this clever little idea of mine would completely take over my life. Nor did I realize how many Harry Potter fanatics there were in the world of knitting! But, I quickly found out. The Hogwarts Sock Swap exploded within days of listing. In fact, I turned the sign-ups off after only ten days because we had already reached 100 participants. And THIS is why I have not had time to post on my blog or look at any of YOUR blogs for two weeks. I’ve been busy sorting, well I guess the Sorting Hat did the sorting, these eager knitters into their Hogwart Houses and giving them a pal to knit socks for.

The whirlwhind is over. The Prefects have been assigned. Life should get back to normal. And blogging should resume…………….SOON!

As for Jennifer – she was the last to join the Hogwarts Sock Swap, but she JOINED! And, I finally convinced her to set up a blog. Three more weeks and she will fall into the wonderful world of knitting bloggers and actually have time in her life to knit, the very best hobby in the world!

8 Comments on “What’s this? A Gryf Sock?

  1. Haha… thanks for the (multiple) links to my site. I didn’t know I was the last one to join the sock swap! Good thing I know the headmistress 😉

  2. I know when I first saw the note about the sock swap, it was already closed – and it had hardly been open that long, from what I could tell!

    So … you are making certain that the next generation continues in your footsteps – good for you!

  3. This Harry Potter fan will be watching with an invisible cloak on! I was so tempted to join…..! Wish my initial swap experience had been more pleasant – will give it another try someday, I am sure.

    You all should have lots of fun! Me – I will be jealous, I am sure….

  4. Didn’t know about the sock swap, but your your Gryffindor sock looks fab! I really like it.

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