Project Spectrum Needle Case

In keeping with the current pink-green-yellow Project Spectrum theme, I felt it was time to change my needle case! Several years ago I designed my own special case to suit my needs. I had searched and searched but could not find one that I really liked. So here she is……….my very own double point needle keeper……….
The outside pocket holds a needle gauge, tape measure and stork scissors.

The inside pocket has slots for my double point needles. I recently added the top flap after I accidentally picked up the case upside down and all my needles fell out!

Not much of an accessory but she fits my knitting needs just right. She is small and fits right into my purse. She is not any bigger than a sunglasses case and I can always find fun quilted patterns that remind me of Vera Bradley.
I might have to change out the cases with each new Project Spectrum color theme. How is that for originality? Of course, it would be far better if I would KNIT something using the current colors. I do have a few other pink-green-yellow projects in progress that you will get to see soon, I hope.

15 Comments on “Project Spectrum Needle Case

  1. I made a very similar case back in the 80s that I still use today. It even has a paisley lining. It holds all my crochet hooks, and I love it!

    Yours is very pretty. Perfect for Project Spectrum.

  2. What a very, very beautiful needle case this is – I absolutely adore it!

  3. Very pretty as well as functional! Hmm, you are reminding me that I should start sewing again.

  4. You need to go into business! Very nice case!
    and referring to your previous post since I am catching up…. I am jealous of your barefoot Norwegian guru and can’t wait to watch your sweater unfold!

  5. That is just too cute. Makes me want to sew, but this is so beyond my current abilities!

  6. I love your case! The diagonal pocket on the front is a nice decorative touch. A compact double needle case is a great idea, perfect for sock knitters.

  7. Beautiful needle case. I am so impressed. I really need something like that. I am always looking in my knitting box for my dpn’s.

  8. Thats gorgeous!!! I keep all my dpns in an old clinique box which isn’t particuarly practical tbh! I could do with one like yours, just my colour too:-)

  9. Nifty! I especially like how you added the top to the DPN case-mine fall out way too often!

  10. This is the best dpns needle case that I have ever seen – you should be selling them – if you do, I will be the 1st to order one. It’s so great to be able to sew because I can’t!

  11. So….you made my monkeys needle case?! I love it even more now! Thank you soooo much. 🙂

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