April Showers? SNOW Showers!

THIS is why so many people come to Colorado to go skiing! When everyone else is experiencing ‘April Showers’, we are having snow……again. DH has worked from home the last couple days. We only got a foot of snow while friends down the road got two feet. Something wonderful about a snowy day in Colorado is that it is usually followed by a sunny day. The critters were out and about this morning. There there were five mule deer off my downstairs patio. Can you see two in this picture? I wish the pictures hadn’t turned out so dark so you could see them better! It was a very funny scene. They kept nibbling the snow off the branches and the snow kept sliding down and falling on their heads! Too bad I didn’t have a video clip!

3 Comments on “April Showers? SNOW Showers!

  1. I love seeing the mule deer. When my sister lived on Cheyenne Mtn. mule deer would visit her bird feeders. They came so often she got to the point where she could go out and hand-feed a few. I wouldn’t recommend that as once my nephew (who was around 7) walked out behind her and caused the deer to rare up on it’s back feet in defense. Beautiful creatures but still dangerous.

  2. Has it melted yet?
    That’s what I recall about living in CO….it comes, but leaves quite soon!

  3. Snow in April. *shaking head sadly* I remember the year we lived in Denver it snowed on Mother’s Day. That was the first year I’d ever experienced snow (I was 30)

    I still think it’s pretty, but I’d rather not go out in it. I’m definitely still a Florida girl at heart.

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