Colorado Trekking Adventures

I am inaugurating a new blog theme inspired by some lovely Cherry Tree Hill yarn I have been coveting for quite some time. The color is CABIN FEVER and I broke down yesterday and purchased it! I resisted for several weeks but to no avail.

As I made the long trek down to the Springs I brainstormed my way through my current sock stash and the long list of patterns I have on my Socks-to-Knit List. I contemplated how I could turn my yarn and my list into a Colorado Trekking Adventure. I have several ideas in mind. Actually, I have enough to get me through a whole year but YOU will just have to wait until each sock is completed to find out the theme.

Each Colorado Trekking Adventure post will include, not only a completed sock picture, but will ALSO include pictures of what inspired the sock.

So………what do you think will be the theme of the this CABIN FEVER yarn? Hints are in the picture. I will immediately inform you that the theme will NOT be Bears, although we DO have to deal with black bears every year but they are few and far between.

6 Comments on “Colorado Trekking Adventures

  1. That is gorgeous yarn – I can see why you HAD to have it…so, does the theme have something to do with log cabins??

  2. Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays? They are cable-licious! I really like this new adventure!

  3. I don’t know if this is what my mum has in mind, but it may help ya’ll out to know that she has dozens and dozens and DOZENS of Longaberger baskets 😉

  4. Jennifer that is where I was going with my thought. Something with Longaberger baskets. Would weave be part of the name?

  5. Interesting concept but I have no guesses. I’ll be watching to see what you come up with.

  6. I would guess something to do with baskets but Log Cabins could be it too. I am excited to see what it is.

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