Heading South

With an SUV full of all the things our oldest felt she needed from home for her new home, we headed down from the mountains to the flat plains of New Mexico and Texas. And, as you see, My KOIGU socks are on a little journey this week. I will take you along, too.

We, saw lots and lots and lots of antelope in New Mexico. They are so pretty!
Would you want to stop and go potty here? I was definitely looking all around me!

7 Comments on “Heading South

  1. Watch for snakes???????!!!!!! Good Lord! Was that in RaidersoftheLostArkVille?? You could always whip your yarn into a noose and string ’em up…

    Great trip photos…

  2. I remember seeing those signs when I drove through New Mexico, too. If I had seen one I think the whole state would have heard me scream.

  3. What fun except for the snakes! I am terrified of all reptiles. Thanks for “taking all of us along” on your trip.

  4. I love antelpe, too. That’s a large herd of them. You be careful around all those snakes!

    Your socks are coming along well.

  5. *shiver* eww snakes!
    Glad to hear your nephew is doing so very well!

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