Made it to Auburn

This is the stone my girls sat on four years ago when we drove down to look at Auburn University for Jennifer. The purpose of the picture was to convince their Daddy to let them go out-of-state and across the nation to attend college. He was skeptical and they were “defending their rights” and making a pretty good defense. Of course, back then, it never dawned on me that by doing so it would decrease the likelihood of them coming back home to Colorado to work! There is part of me that now wishes I had been as skeptical as DH was! I made it to Auburn…………….it took eleven lonely hours. The worst part was that I could not KNIT! (Shhhh…..don’t tell the family… would have only taken ten hours if I hadn’t stopped to knit a few rows at every rest stop). The grandparents and the husband arrive tomorrow and the following day my girls will be standing beside this sign in caps and gowns!
Question to self: “Why isn’t it HUMID in Auburn? Please don’t be HUMID on Thursday when both of my girls have ceremonies at the exact time and I have to walk/run from one end of campus to the other! Please?”

9 Comments on “Made it to Auburn

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. My mother was from Alabama and I always remember the Auburn/Alabama feud.

    Have a great time with your girls.

  2. Congratulations to the whole family – I’m loving reading it here and on your daughter’s blog!

  3. Oh. Auburn. As a Florida gal I better not comment. *laugh*

    But I can comment on the humidity. Don’t bother hoping that it’s not humid Thursday. It will be. That’s what I missed most about home when we lived in OK, CO and TX.

    Air isn’t air unless you can FEEL it. It’s nice to live again among the humidity.

  4. Two at once? That’s rough! Eleven hours driving without knitting is one long trip.

    Congrats to the graduates and the family!

  5. Great photos and commentary of your trip Rebecca. You are now only one state from me! The reason for low humidity is the severe drought, that is if Alabama is like GA. Our humidity is hovering between 15-25%.

    Congratulations to both DD’s. You must be very proud.

  6. good luck with both of the ceremonies!!!!!

    you must be so proud 🙂

  7. What a pretty campus! What a hoot that you stopped at rest areas to knit a few rows-snort!

  8. Congrats to you and your girls! I hope they have a wonderful graduation, and much success!

  9. Congrats on the college graduates. I have to say my hubby would kill me for reading this entry – he is a Crimson Tide/Uni. Alabama fan all the way.

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