The Pelican State

I left Texas early and within a couple hours crossed the state line into Louisiana. This is the state of my birth. We moved when I was five years old to Virginia so I have few memories other than visiting relatives. Well, I guess that is not exactly true since my college memories are here. I transferred to LSU from a college in Virginia back in the seventies and finished my degree here. I forgot how the misty steam rises up out of the ground in the wee hours of dawn. The windshield wipers were on for several hours, not from rain, but from humidity. THAT doesn’t happen in Colorado. Here is a picture but it really does not capture the eeriness.

Note to self: don’t ever move to a humid state!
My ancestors arrived in Louisiana in 1807 with the Homestead Act. After Thomas Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase with Napoleon, this vast wild territory was opened up for anyone willing to farm the land. It was hard work sometimes taking 6 months to a year to clear 40 acres alone.

Second Note Self: It is REALLY humid in Louisiana!

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