Purple Passion

Home, home at last, at last! The only completed object I can show you from my many hours on the road are my Purple Passion Koigu socks. When I packed my knitting bag I optimistically packed enough yarn to finish two pair of socks, my Sirdal sleeve and a baby hat. Unfortunately, this picture is all I have to show. (I actually have 4 inches of cuff on two other socks but since they are in my Colorado Trekking theme they cannot yet be revealed ).

Pattern: Simply Splendid Socks , Cool Socks, Warm Feet

Needle Size: 2.25 mm

Yarn: Koigu Supersock

Cast on: 60 sts

There was a Mother’s Day present waiting in my mailbox upon my return. After seeing the Shingle Creek Socks on Vanessa’s blog, I asked DH if he would let me order a kit for my MD Present. They fit in perfectly with my Colorado Trekking Theme! The color is Red Rocks. I would dearly love to pull out some needles and cast on, however I have HOGWART SOCKS to knit!

9 Comments on “Purple Passion

  1. I love purple too.(vbg) I don’t know how you had time to knit anything during your trip but your new socks are very nice. I enjoyed the photos very much.

  2. One pair of socks on a trip is good knitting in my book! Love the Koigu socks, although I don’t think I’ve ever touched it. Another one in the long line of things to try someday.

    Looking forward to seeing the Hogwarts Socks.

  3. you will love love love love anne’s willy wonka yarn 🙂

  4. Love the socks! And since you’re the mother of a chemical engineer, the answer is nope, they aren’t dangerous. What exactly is it that a Chemical Engineer does? That sounds like way too much math for me to have ever hoped to make it through. Math is NOT my friend.

  5. Love the socks! The mother’s day yarn is great; can’t wait to see it knitted up!

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