Tagged with a Meme

I’ve been tagged by SJ, Shirley and Kathy to do the current meme floating around knitting blogland.

Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Eight Random Facts About ME:

  1. My high school class was so large (997 students) that we had to graduate outside. It was the year that “streaking” was hitting the nation. For those of you younger than I, streaking was a crazy fad where naked people would run through public places! We had 10 run up the aisle and across the front of the principle’s stage as soon as he stood up to speak. They were boys from the previous graduating class. The same boys who elected our school song (they let the graduating seniors do that) the year before. The song was “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog”…….very embarassing…to go to school competitions and have them play that when everyone else had traditional school songs.
  2. My family name is BOZ Lady. It stands for Buns of Steel Lady. I don’t necessarily agree with them but my daughter, who is the graduating nurse, says she has had to deal with lots of rear ends in her nursing adventures and I definitely have buns of steel. It is just too bad they are not teeny buns of steel.
  3. I was a little girl in Northern Virginia when JFK was shot. My Dad took us to the funeral procession through Washington D.C. He sat me on his shoulders so I watch it. I remember the black horses with their black plumed hats pulling the casket and the slow steady drumbeat. It was very sombre. No one was saying a word and everyone was crying.
  4. I have experienced two very bad accidents with cars when I was exercising. The first one was in college when a girl opened her car door on me just as I was passing on my bike. I had a huge blood clot in my leg because of it causing me first, to lay in bed for six weeks missing half a semester of school and then having to fly home for surgery.

    The second collision I had with a car was in my early twenties when a man driving a car with no headlights hit me from behind as I was jogging at 5am. When it hit me the thought went through my head, ‘This must be what it feels like to be bit in half by a shark’. I was thrown several feet over the sidewalk landing on the grass. He tried to get me up but I couldn’t move, he got in the car and drove down the street, turned around came back and tried again then left. I begged him to call an ambulance. Several people passed me on the sidewalk thinking I was drunk. Finally a good samaritan across the street ran into his home, called 911, brought a blanket back to wrap me in and held me until they got there. The medical professionals told me I would have broken every bone in my body if I had landed on the sidewalk.

  5. I love HISTORY but am a selective history lover. I majored in History with a focus on Classical but my very favorite time period is Early American. I am not much interested in post-modern and have to push myself to stay up on current events. When I left home to go to college in another state, I planned to come back and work in the Smithsonian or Mt. Vernon or some such thing. My Dad transferred to Denver when I was a senior and I went to their home after graduation. What is a History major to do in Denver? Learn how to be a Computer Programmer…LOL
  6. I really like to start swaps and knitalongs. I’ve started three Yahoo Group knitalongs -Nancy Bush Vintage Socks, Nancy Bush Folk Socks, My First Toe-ups. I’ve started three swaps — Bless Her Cotton Socks, Monkey Sock Swap and Hogwarts Sock Swap. My adrenalin really gets going when I do this. I’m planning on a second round of Hogwarts with sign-ups starting July 14th. And, I’ve got some Fall Themed ideas floating around right now. Weird, isn’t it!
  7. I homeschooled both of my daughters all the way through high school. I’ve always loved teaching and from the time they were born read and did everything I could to stimulate their brains…haha! I put both of them in Montessori school when they were three and, when the youngest cried the whole morning wanting her mommy, pulled them out. I set up my own little Montessori school in our garden room. I kept the oldest out of Kindergarten and then, when her little sister demanded quite a bit of my attention, put the oldest into a private school.

    When we moved to Colorado we had our first public school experience in a little mountain town and it was horrible. Jennifer was bored out of her mind, she had been reading since she was three. The teacher said she would give her additional reading during when she taught something Jen already knew…Baby Sitter Club books. Now, I am not only a lover of history but also a lover of great literature and I really struggled with letting my very bright daughter spend her school hours reading these books! The final blow, however, was when they began to study the Pilgrims and Jennifer came home saying that Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims giving thanks to the Indians for helping them through the winter! That was it for me! We have never regretted a single moment of homeschooling. It was probably the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done. Afterall, who gets to go through each grade THREE TIMES? First as a child, then with your first child and then with your second?

  8. When I was in the first grade I adked my Daddy if I could change my name. He suggested Rebecca and said it was a name he thought was really pretty. I agreed. I didn’t know that my REAL name already was Rebecca! I was pretty pleased with myself for talking him into letting me do this and told all my friends my parents had let me change my name! My family still calls me Becky but Rebecca is my name of preference.

I’m tagging Jennifer, Lorette, Jenn, Shelly, Becky, Suz, Brenda and Ronnie.

8 Comments on “Tagged with a Meme

  1. Your #7 made me think about what we’re going to do about schooling for our little boy. (he’s 1 1/2 y.o.) I was homeschooled through highschool, and my sisters were homeschooled all the way through school. When do people decide? At this point, I have a hard time seeing myself even sending him off to day care.

  2. Such an interesting list of random things about you. I homeschooled my kids and loved it, too.

    I love your name, BOZ Lady! Your real name is pretty cool, too. 😉

  3. Your accidents were very frightening, especially when you were struck while jogging. I am glad there was at least one good Samaritan who helped you! Thanks for playing along with the “Meme”.

  4. Yikes! Streakers!! I had forgotten all about THOSE guys…. LOL!

    These Meme’s are sort of fun, aren’t they. Thanks for playing….

  5. I really laughed at the story about your name!
    I missed your tag, but got tagged by a couple of other people, too. Mine was posted yesterday!

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